Exercise Helps Kids Do Better In School!

August 2, 2010

Image of overweight childA recent study conducted by the American College Of Sports Medicine confirm what many of us here at Singapore Fitness Professionals Network suspects all along : that being FIT does help one perform BETTER in academics!

<< Study Links Physical Fitness, Academic Performance For Middle-Schoolers >>  http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/191043.php

According to the media report, the study which  involved over 300 sixth-grade students at a middle school in USA, revealed that  students with higher levels of physical fitness tend to fare better on standardized tests than those who were less fit.

The report even goes so far to suggest that there is a significant association between cardiovascular fitness and reading scores; and that FIT students “were six times more likely to meet or exceed … reading standards and over two-and-a-half times more likely to meet or exceed the math standards”. What a revelation! 

The implications of this study is HUGE – especially in a nation-state like Singapore – where academics are traditionally revered way and above physical fitness and sporting success.

Singaporean parents should seriously heed the above findings, sit-up and take note: that if you really want your child to succeed in school, make sure that he/she first-of-all GET PHYSICALLY FIT  !!!

And, of course getting children fit nowadays is NO easy task.  It takes more than just throwing a ball to them and asking them to kick it around for hours.

A scientific approach, coupled with specific age-related protocols have to be adopted to ensure maximal benefit and minimal damage to your children’s growing bodies.

The BEST approach is to engage a Kids/Youth Fitness Specialist to design a customized fitness program for your child, taking into consideration his/her age, current fitness levels  and personal interests.

When you have a systematic approach in place to build your child’s physical fitness, success would be ensured in the long run.