Qualities To Look For In A Singapore Home Fitness Provider

November 2, 2010

Image Of In-Home Personal TrainingRegardless of the type of home fitness services that you’re looking for – whether it’s Pilates, Yoga, Personal Fitness Training or one of the myriad of fitness services available here in Singapore – the following holds true when it comes to selecting an appropriate fitness service provider that meets your needs:


Your home fitness service provider should be someone passionately in love with the vocation that he/she is involved in. You want somebody who gets excited and enthused just talking about what he/she does for a living. On the other hand, you definitely do NOT need someone who is jaded and cynical about his/her profession, the industry and anything else related to it.

As you converse with your potential service provider, try to gauge  the level of enthusiasm, devotion and passion that this person exudes in relation to his/her cause. The HIGHER these levels, the BETTER!


Your in-home service provider should not only have an intimate and extensive  knowledge of the fitness service that he/she is rendering, but also everything else related to it. This includes : knowing the best way to go about customizing the workout according to your environment,  to your personal likes/dislikes as well as other constraints that you  – as a consumer – may have.

It is always a good idea to do some homework on the service you require – prior to meeting up with your in-home fitness provider for the first time  – so that you have a ready list of questions, queries and scenarios to present to the provider.

And based on the provider’s replies to you, you would have a much better understanding of his/her level of knowledge, professionalism and competence.  


Your in-home fitness service provider MUST be suitably qualified to coach you in that particular fitness discipline – no two ways about it. In other words, if what you’re looking for is Pilates coaching, then you provider MUST be a trained and qualified Pilates Teacher – no question about that. Similarly, if what you require is a regular program of deep-tissue sports massage, then your provider MUST be a certified Sports Massage Therapist – again, no exceptions allowed.

 As a consumer, you have every right to ask for PROOF that your home fitness provider is who he/she claims to be. Don’t feel bad asking your provider to provide physical copies of certifications and qualifications for you to peruse.

The following List Of Fitness Certifications And Qualifications would give you a good idea on what to look out for when assessing the qualifications of your fitness provider.


Besides having passion for his/her vocation, your in-home fitness service provider should also be someone who is able to Teach, Communicate and Motivate. As a paying consumer, you are entitled to a professional who is able to teach you the right fundamentals related to your particular fitness field  – clearly and patiently, communicate with you effectively, and most of all, inspire and motivate you to reach your fitness goals.

Once you have found a service provider with these positive personality traits, together with all the above requirements met, the you have greatly increased your own chances of success in your fitness pursuit.