What Singapore Personal Trainers And Fitness Pros Can Learn From The Japan Disasters

April 4, 2011

It has been almost a month since the devastating earthquake and massive tsunami descended upon Japan’s coastal towns and surrounding areas, causing widespread destruction and reducing everything in their path to rubble.

Add to that the subsequent scenario of a deepening nuclear crisis looming over the country, it is obvious that the people of Japan truly have their hands full dealing with one catastrophe after another.

Back in our safe haven here in Singapore, many Singaporeans (including not a few from the Singapore Fitness Industry) have commendably opened their hearts and wallets to the Japanese people, and pitched in generously with donations and reliefs of various kinds to show their unanimous support for Japan.

Incidentally, from these Japanese disasters, numerous lessons have also emerged for the rest of humanity.

Iamge of Japan people reacting to the crisis 2011.

These lessons include:

Expect The Unexpected

Life is full of unexpected twists and turns, and the earlier we recognize this fact, the better it is for us. As a personal trainer or fitness professional in Singapore, though we may be relatively sheltered from natural or physical disasters, the spectrum of other “disasters” – such as financial, personal or career – are always hanging over our heads, and could very well strike us – anytime, anywhere. For instance, a ‘major’ or ‘loyal’ client may suddenly decide to terminate your fitness services without prior notice. Or, worse, you could find yourself dragged to court by a client for liability issues related to your fitness practice. Whatever it is, the lesson to learn is: constantly be on your toes, look out for ‘warning ‘ signs or signals that something is amiss, and to expect occasional unexpected changes to your status quo from time to time.

Be Prepared

Being prepared for the worst – mentally, emotionally, financially and physically – may be one of your best investments to date. We never know when a tragedy may strike us – such as the discovery of a terminal illness just when we are at the height of our fitness careers, or an accident which may permanently curtail our career as a fitness professional, or even the loss of a loved one just when everything else seems going along fine. Since no one on earth can be entirely spared from crises or tragedies throughout our lifetime, the best bet is to be prepared for the worst-case scenario in our lives. Being prepared will help to soften the blow when the unexpected happens, and puts us in the right frame of mind to deal constructively with the situation.

Be Organized And Efficient

The Japanese penchant for organization and efficiency are laid bare for all to see during this period of national crises. Amidst the destruction in the country, the Japanese’s ability to pick up their lives in such an organized and efficient manner are truly admirable traits for all the other races and cultures of the world to emulate. All professional fitness coaches and group exercise instructors in Singapore can also pick up a thing or two about organization and efficiency from the Japanese. Whether it is the day-to-day scheduling of your fitness lessons, or doing the preparation work for your fitness classes, being organized and efficient will inevitably help you to attain the level of success and accomplishment that you want.   

Always Stay Calm And Positive

The ability to stay calm, positive and even in high spirits are some of the positive characteristics that have emerged from the recent Japan disasters. Despite the massive loss of personal belongings, investments and loved ones, many victims of the current disasters have remained stoic and calm, and even managed to spread positive vibes and goodwill to fellow sufferers around them. Fitness professionals in Singapore would do well to emulate the Japanese, and inculcate these traits of positive thinking and calmness too. Being positive and calm in all situations would only elevate your professionalism, enhance your reputation, garner respect from your clients and peers, and increase your chances of success in your fitness career and personal life.

As the aftermath of the disaster continues to unfold, we – at Singapore Fitness Professionals Network – would like to join the rest of the world in offering our heartfelt prayers and blessings to all the people of Japan and wish them all the best in the coming days ahead.

And knowing the admirable traits that the Japanese people possess, we have no doubts that they will eventually triumph over their recent hardships and mishaps, and emerge victorious at the end.


Singapore’s Worst Aerobics And Group Exercise Instructors

December 1, 2010
Image of aerobics instructorThe large majority of Singapore aerobics instructors and group exercise instructors leading exercise-to-music classes in studios across the island are top-notch professionals no doubt about that.
In fact, many of Singapore’s top group exercise instructors are competent fitness professionals who are greatly admired and appreciated by their satisfied students and clients from all ends of the island.
Unfortunately, as in all things, there is always a group of ‘black sheep’ that seems intent on giving the group exercise industry a BAD name.
The list below (albeit written tongue-in-cheek) profiles some of Singapore’s worst aerobics instructors and group exercise instructors.
As a Private Consumer – do make sure that no matter what you do – AVOID  joining the class/classes led by any of the following kinds of  instructors:
The Perpetual Screamer
– can’t survive without screaming or yelling their heads off into the mike,
– somehow believes that everyone else is hard of hearing, except Self,
– loves hearing own voice projections through the mike,
– leaves everyone with a earache or headache by the end of the class.
The Sound-Blaster
– close cousin of the ‘screamer’,
has a knack of upping the volume of the sound system to MAXIMUM,
– addicted to the sound of LOUD music BLARING away in the background 
– somehow equates teaching ability to LOUDNESS of music,
– major cause of long-term hearing loss for unfortunate participants. 
The Energizer Bunny
– full of energy; never seems to tire,
– expects ALL class participants to be of the SAME fitness level as self,
– conducts classes at ALL-OUT intensity,
– chides anyone who fails to keep up with the class tempo,
– fails to take into account new participants or those with lower fitness levels. 
The Regurgitator
–  regurgitates the SAME choreography or SAME music umpteen times,  
– simply too lazy or too indifferent to source for NEW routines/music,
– convinced that participants do not mind familiarity or repetition,
– number ONE cause of class boredom for participants.  
The Absolute Disaster
– CAN’T seem to remember exercise steps or choreography,
– CAN”t seem to follow musical beats,
– doesn’t know how to cue or instruct an exercise class, 
– afraid of standing in front of class,
– looks confused and lost,
– leaves participants confused and lost.
The Sophisticator 
– loves to use sophisticated and complex steps in choreography,
– more concerned with ‘impressing’ people than anything else,
– self-absorbed in own ‘performance’ in front of class , 
– cannot understand why class has difficulty following the routine,
– gets irked by members who seem ‘lost’ during the routine. 
The Out-Of-Shape Instructor
– often underweight/overweight/unfit,
– in worse physical condition than some class participants,
– often out-of-breath and in need of breaks while leading the class,
– in denial of own physical state.
Well, there you have it – the various kinds of aerobics instructors and group exercise instructors in Singapore that you should AVOID at all costs!
Fortunately, the number of exemplary and first-class Aerobics Instructors and Group Exercise Instructors here in Singapore still outnumber the bad hats in the industry by far.
To check out some of Singapore’s Finest Aerobics and Group Exercise Instructors, do visit www.SingaporeFitnessNetwork.com now. 
Also, if you think we have missed out on other examples or categories, or would simply like to add some of your own, please feel free to send us your comments too!
We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!