The Best Fitness Careers And Jobs In Singapore

April 25, 2011

Image of a personal trainer working with a client.With a vibrant economy supported by an increasingly cosmopolitan population, it is no surprise that the fitness industry here in Singapore is currently in the midst of a boom.

As demand for private and personal fitness services continue to rise, more and more people are now opening up to the idea of a career or job within the fitness sector in Singapore.

A fitness career or job does come with its fair share of perks and benefits – most notably, being in a position to help others improve their health, fitness and quality of life; and also being able to pursue one’s own hobby or passion in fitness full-time as a career choice.

And of course, not forgetting that the fitness industry also happens to offer one of the most lucrative and rewarding remuneration plans to its BEST performers – especially to those who choose to operate a private or independent fitness business.

It is an open secret that most TOP or ELITE  trainers, coaches and instructors within the private fitness sector today rack-in 5-figure sums monthly – rivalling even the paychecks of many senior business executives in the corporate world – and truly living up to its billing as one of the highest-paying “freelance” jobs in Singapore.

In no particular order, the following are currently some of the most popular, lucrative and ‘hot’ fitness careers and jobs within the fitness sector here in Singapore:

Personal Trainer

A Personal Trainer is essentially a fitness professional who specializes in one-to-one personal exercise prescription, instruction and guidance. The personal trainer usually chooses to specialize in one/some of the many fitness fields, ranging from sports performance to strength-&-conditioning to pre-post natal fitness and more.

Usually the highly successful personal trainer would be one who runs his/her own private, independent practice, serving clients in their home residences, condominium compounds, private offices or even at outdoor settings.

Typically, an established personal trainer here in Singapore would charge anything in excess of S$100 per hour of training.

Yoga Teacher

A Yoga Teacher is one who teaches and instructs in any of the various Yoga disciplines and forms, particularly those that involve some system of bodily exercises and/or mental relaxation. 

The elite Yoga Teacher is typically one who offers one-to-one or private small group sessions to an exclusive clientele, charging anywhere between S$100 – S$200 per session, depending on location, style/choice of Yoga, level of advancement etc. 

Pilates Instructor

A Pilates Instructor is one who conducts body conditioning and physical training sessions based on the popular fitness system founded by Joseph Pilates.

Top Pilates Instructors are usually those with a wealth of experience and credentials, and are often sought-after by celebrities, dignitaries and socially elite individuals for private personal sessions in their homes, hotel suites or private residences. On-going rates for exclusive one-to-one Pilates sessions with a top-of-the-field Pilates Instructor could cost anything between $150 – $250 per hourly session.

Group Exercise Instructor

Group Exercise Instructor is a fitness professional who conducts exercise and training sessions in a group setting. These group workouts may be conducted either indoors – in studios, function rooms and private spaces, or outdoors – in parks, public stadiums, along the beaches etc. These workout sessions may also be carried out to the rhythm of music – as in aerobics or dance fitness classes, or without music, as in fitness boot camps and small group conditioning sessions.

Typically, a top-notch, in-demand Group Exercise Instructor commands a rate of $120/hour onwards for each session, or he/she may choose to charge by per head based on a minimum quota of participants ( the total revenue from all participants would usually have to be in excess of $100 per session before a class could start).

Well, there you have it.

5 top fitness career choices for those of you who are keen on a career in the Singapore Fitness Industry.

Just a word of caution though: as lucrative and rewarding a fitness career may seem, it may NOT be suitable for everyone.

In order to make the cut, one must  have a real passion in fitness, be a great communicator, have good social & interpersonal skills, and also sincerely like helping others to improve their fitness and well-being.

If you think that you have all the above qualities and more, then CONGRATULATIONS – the Singapore Fitness Industry would be more than happy to welcome you to its family. 

If you wish to find out more about a fitness career in Singapore, do hop over to the following online sites for more information:

Singapore Fitness Training Rates: What They Really Tell You About Your Fitness Provider.

April 12, 2011

Image of a female fitness instructor Ever since we included a “Search By Rates” function at our website, we have received a number of emails from members of the Singapore Public, who wanted to know more about the differences and varieties in rates for fitness services in Singapore.

Below herewith is a typical email received from a certain Josephine T.

” Can you please explain why the rates for fitness services vary so greatly here in Singapore? For instance, your site lists trainers who charge more than $100/h for their fitness services, and at the same time also lists others who charge only $30-40/h? Why such great discrepancy? Does it mean the more expensive the trainers are, the better they are??? And also, what does it mean for those (like myself) who can’t afford the most expensive trainer? Would appreciate a response from you guys, asap. Thanks.

Like many fitness consumers out there, Josephine has every right to be concerned about the great discrepancies in fitness rates here in Singapore.

In fact, this phenomenon is not just limited to popular services like One-To-One Personal Fitness Training, but also seen generally across the board – in other common private or personal services such as Pilates, Yoga, Aerobics, Aqua Fitness etc.

Well, our fitness blog post for today will focus on answering Josephine’s queries, and hopefully at the same time, clarify the doubts of many others out there who may harbour similar questions in mind:

Dear Josephine,

Typically, the disparities in pricing or rates in the Singapore Fitness Industry arise simply because of the differences and variations in fitness qualificationscredentials, level of experience, popularity and demand factors amongst trainers and instructors.

Generally, trainers who are MORE qualified, MORE experienced, MORE popular and HIGH in demand would charge HIGHER rates than those who are not.

Incidentally, all trainers – when deciding on their own individual rates or pricing – would take into account the above factors when deciding what best to charge their clients.

Thus, in a way, you can say that the pricing is also a reflection of what the trainers’ think of themselves in terms of their absolute worth to their clients.

Having said that, it is NOT necessarily true that the more expensive a trainer or coach is, the better he/she may be.

There are so many factors and variables in play – including individual personality traits and differences in communication styles etc – that it is virtually impossible just to use the above factors to decide how good a trainer is.

For example, there could be some rookie trainers out there – who may charge comparatively low rates due to their inexperience – but are nevertheless pretty good and solid trainers themselves who have lots of promise and potential.

However, if you really need a general yardstick, and want to be safe and sure, then yes, by all means, you can assume that the more COSTLY a trainer is, the more VALUE you are going to get from him/her.

We understand that not everyone can afford the most expensive trainer, so our suggestion to you is to look at your OWN budget, and then decide what you can AFFORD.

Your aim should be to hire a trainer/instructor whose rates correspond to the UPPER ends of your financial budget. For example, if the maximum you would pay for a trainer is $80/h, then by all means find one that charges $80/h or something close to it.

In other words, hire the BEST that you can afford.

As long as you remember the universal rule: You Always Get What You Pay For – and willing to accept the implications and consequences of it you should be fine.

All the BEST!

Yours Sincerely,