What A Paid Fitness Session Should NOT Be

June 7, 2018

image of a personal trainer with a clientPaid fitness coaching or chargeable workout sessions led by professional fitness trainers or career exercise coaches have been on the rise in Singapore and many parts of the developed world since the last decade.

Whether these sessions are conducted on a one-to-one basis – as in Personalized Coaching, or in small groups of  5-8 as in Small Group Training, or in larger groups consisting of more than 10 individuals – as in Group Exercise Classes, many individuals today have no qualms forking out money for these instructor-led fitness sessions in the name of better health and enhanced fitness.

However, are these sessions really WORTH the money that you’re paying up for?

And are you really doing your health and fitness any good in the long run – just because you are PAYING up for these services?

How do you know you’re NOT merely being taken for a ride and having every single cent of your hard-earned money ripped off or flushed down the drain?

The following will give you some ideas on how to SIEVE out the real deal from the pretenders, and make sure that you’re really getting your money’s worth for every cent that you pay up for these fitness services.

A) A Paid Fitness Session Should NOT Be A Superficial Workout That Only Makes You Huff-&-Puff.

Within the fitness industry, there are always going to be some trainers whose main goal seems to be nothing more than simply make their clients huff, puff and sweat – all in the name of exercise – with pretty little regard to structure, education nor science involved in their exercise program design.

These trainers somehow feel that if they can leave their clients in a sweaty mess by the end of the workout – by whatever means – they have done a Great Job! And so – to them – all systems go!

And unfortunately, their unsuspecting clients often also go along with the plan, having absolutely NO idea what they are doing, blindly following what their trainers or coaches ask them to do, deluding themselves into thinking that they had a great workout – simply because they had exerted themselves!!

Any credible fitness authority can tell you that Exertion/Effort (or amount of perspiration, as a matter of fact!!) does NOT necessarily equate Progress nor Results nor an indication of Proper or Scientific Exercise Programming!

What you – as a client – should be looking out for in a credible paid fitness program are: sound scientific programming, proper exercise sequence, structure & format, clearly-delineated objectives/goals, exercise suitability, appropriate level of intensity and a focus on fitness education in mind!

The main purpose of any fitness program should NEVER be just to make you huff and puff (and sweat), but to address and resolve the very fitness needs that you – as the client – have.

B)  A Paid Fitness Session Should NOT Be A Socializing Event

Is the bulk of your fitness session spent chatting and gossiping with your trainer about the latest celebrity news, fashion design, stock market movement or even the newest fitness fad??

If so, you are merely flushing your money down the drain!

Make sure that any talking or conversations conducted during your fitness sessions are related ONLY to: the session itself, the exercises/drills/movements that you are doing, your fitness progress or general well-being, and/or other related factors pertaining to your fitness goals!

Anything else besides the above – is just a WASTE of time – and can wait until AFTER the session itself!

C) A Paid Fitness Session Should NOT Be A Marketing/Advertising Gig

Is your trainer or coach more interested in marketing to you the latest “must-have” supplement, powder, gel, gear or gadget out in the market, rather than focusing on your fitness session itself?

Is he/she always selling you the idea that you can only “Build Muscle”, “Burn Fat” or “hit the next level” of your fitness progress – only and only – after you have purchased any of the above “must-haves” from him/her?

If so, our advice to you is this: DROP your trainer or coach now, and start looking for a NEW one immediately!

The sad truth in the fitness industry is: many trainers are actually padding up their training income with lucrative cuts/commissions from peddling “health/fitness products” to their clients.

Many have no qualms selling you the “benefits” of such products even if they have absolutely NO idea what these products are all about, or whether these products have actually been scientifically-proven to work, or if they are suitable or necessary to their clients’ needs, or worse, if they have any dangerous side-effects!

So consumers, BEWARE!!!

D) Conclusion

With the current interest and trend towards paid exercise sessions increasing by leaps and bounds across the world – and to a very large extent – even here in our very own affluent state of Singapore, it pays to be EXTRA careful when it comes to dishing out your money for these fitness services.

Hopefully, after reading the above article, you will now know the appropriate course of action for your health, fitness, and of course, your pockets.


Is The Personal Training Industry In Singapore Dying? Part 2

October 24, 2011

Image of a personal trainer conducting personal training.This is a follow-up to our article of the same title written last week.

For those who miss Part 1, do click on the following link below to read it:

Is The Personal Training Industry In Singapore Dying? Part 1

Well, what’s your response after reading the first article?

Do you really think the personal training industry in Singapore is going the way of its western counterparts – to its imminent DEATH – in view of all the overwhelming evidence against it ???? 

Well, this is what we – at Singapore Fitness Professionals Network honestly think:

1) First and foremost, we do acknowledge  that it is indeed going to be HARDER and HARDER for most personal trainers, or as a matter of fact, any personalized service provider to survive in the industry because of all the various reasons cited in part 1 of our article.

However, the good thing is this: all the additional competition and economic changes will only serve to WEED OUT the various pretenders’, ‘sub-standard’ trainers and other‘half-baked’ imposters from the REAL professionals in the industry – those who are fully committed to the profession, who invest time and effort in professional upgrading, and whose expertise, experience and voice of reason and authority SEPARATE them from the ordinary and common trainers.

2) Regardless of economic conditions, there will ALWAYS be a pool of people who will NEED, WANT and can AFFORD personal training. Frankly, no other fitness programs can substitute the personalised attention, privacy, customization and accelerated results that often accompany personal training, and these benefits and more will always appeal to individuals who appreciate them and who are seeking after them whole-heartedly.

3) From a social point of view, personalized forms of services have long since been very much a part of the life of the High Society in Singapore – those belonging to the elite membership circle of the “Rich, Successful and Famous”. ( just think: personal chauffeur, personal chef, personal maid, personal masseur and the list goes on …) 

Frankly, many of the “Who’s Who” in the upper echelons of society CAN and WILL continue to pay for personal training – if not for the various tangible health/fitness benefits that it brings – but also very much for the status/class symbol that it represents.

This brings us back to the question: Will Personal Training really DIE off in Singapore one day???

Well, in view of all the above factors, we unequivocally feel that the answer is a resounding: NO.

Personal training will NEVER EVER ‘die’ off in the literal sense.

Those who insist they will, are simply making premature assumptions based on their own biased and short-sighted views.

But what will certainly happen is this: personal trainers will certainly need to UP their service standards by several notches, MARKET themselves more professionally and selectively, and operate in a much SMARTER way than ever before in order to survive and prosper.

Otherwise, they could very well be left ‘for dead’ – for good.