Why More Singaporeans Should Exercise Outdoors Rather Than Indoors.

September 6, 2010

Man exercising outdoors.Singaporeans – like many other citizens of developed nations – are generally seen as being sedentary, “soft” and indoor-loving compared to their more rugged neighbours in other less developed countries.

Even the most active of Singapore residents tend to select indoor-kind activities for their physical pursuits, while eschewing most outdoor exercise activities.

Just take a look at the rising popularity of the following physical activities among Singaporeans: weight-training workouts in INDOOR fitness centres, cardiovascular workouts, including running and spinning on INDOOR machines in health centres, and group exercise sessions like Yoga and Pilates in INDOOR studios etc – it is not difficult to reach the conclusion that many here in Singapore generally DO prefer working-out indoors rather than outdoors.

A quick check with many Singapore fitness professionals – such as fitness coaches, personal trainers, and other exercise instructors – also reveal that these professionals generally face a hard time in convincing many of their clients to shift their workouts or exercise sessions to an outdoor location – even for the occasional sake of variety.

It’s quite a shame really – as Singapore – being located right on the Equator – is blessed with such a nice tropical climate that supports most outdoor fitness pursuits year round.

Hopefully, the following “revelations” will convince and convert people – once and for all – that outdoor workouts do carry with them certain benefits that indoor training CANNOT duplicate.

According to a 2008 British Study, which compared the effects of two groups of respondents – one which exercised mainly indoors, and the other which exercised mainly outdoors – it was found that individuals who spent most of their time exercising outdoors experience BETTER overall heath and LONGER lifespans than those who exercised only indoors!

Moreover, a research team at the University Of Rochester also found that people who exercise outdoors for at least 20 min each day reported a BOOST in their overall vitality for the rest of that day!

With such compelling data backing the claim for outdoor training, isn’t it time you put aside your reservations and get involved in Outdoor Fitness today?

Start by looking around for a good Outdoor Fitness Boot Camp in Singapore to join, or find an experienced Singapore Outdoor Fitness Coach to show you the ropes on how to make the most of your outdoor fitness pursuits.

As the saying goes: “Nature may be the best kind of Nurture” – Go Outdoors today – and experience the wonderful benefits yourself.