Common Myths Surrounding The Singapore Fitness Profession

September 15, 2010

Image of a personal trainer training a client.The Singapore Fitness Industry – like many of its counterparts in other countries – has its share of urban myths and misconceptions that never seem to go away.

We – as Singapore’s Network Of Fitness Professionals – feel compelled to dispel some of the most common myths surrounding the Singapore fitness profession – many of which are a result of plain IGNORANCE on the part of the public; while a few are vicious and unfounded jibes churned out by the minds of detractors – individuals who for reasons known only to themselves – harbour deep insecurities, hidden agendas and resentments against the fitness profession.

Myth 1: Singapore Fitness Trainers & Instructors Are Just Simple-Minded Muscle-Heads.

TRUTH: This myth has been around for ages – and most likely perpetuated by those who belong to the school of thought that all muscular/fit/toned individuals are ‘All Brawn and No Brains’. The truth can’t be any further. In Singapore, or as a matter of fact, in any other part of the world – fitness professionals are mostly a Highly Educated bunch – with many possessing BOTH Tertiary Education AND Professional Qualifications in their chosen fitness disciplines. In fact, the average fitness professional here in Singapore has MORE years of formal education (taking into account the various continual upgrading courses they undertake regularly) than most average Singaporeans! If you consider further that many are also highly successful and prominent individuals who own thriving private fitness practices, this whole myth about “Muscle-Heads” is even more laughable and absurd!

Myth 2: Singapore Fitness Professionals Are Those Who FAIL To Make It In The Corporate World.

TRUTH: Fitness/Wellness Professionals are individuals who CHOOSE to follow their Passion and Calling. They may have once been executives, managers or some other senior personnel in the corporate world, but have since discovered their own passion and calling. Most, if not all, CHOOSE to leave the corporate world on their very own accord – to pursue their passions and beliefs. This requires, above all else – COURAGE, CONVICTION and SELF-BELIEF! Our Singapore Fitness Professionals are definitely NOT drop-outs or failures; they are in fact – ENTREPRENEURS and TRAIL BLAZERS who dare to follow their dreams and worthy of everybody’s respect !

Myth 3: All Fitness Professionals are “Fitness Freaks” – Obsessed With Fitness And Nothing Else!

TRUTH: Undeniably, fitness plays an important and large part in the lives of all our fitness/wellness professionals. Otherwise, how else could they maintain credibility and “Walk The Talk”  before their clients? On the other hand, many of our local Singapore personal trainers, aerobics instructors and Yoga/Pilates teachers – while maintaining a close walk with Fitness/Wellness in their daily lives, also maintain a large semblance of BALANCE and INVOLVEMENT in their respective personal, social and family relationships. Anecdotal evidence has shown that numerous fitness/wellness professionals – here in Singapore – are devoted and involved PARENTS, filial SONS/DAUGHTERS, accomplished MUSICIANS, ARTISTS, COOKS or BLOGGERS etc, with many more actively involved in other fields such as FASHION, TRAVEL, WEB DESIGN, CHARITY etc and possibly even POLITICS! As can be seen, our fitness pros are not only proficient in their profession, but are also ALL-ROUNDERS with diverse interests and hobbies! 

Myth 4: Most Singapore Fitness Instructors/Trainers Take Drugs & Steroids To Look The Part.

TRUTH: The very large majority of fitness/wellness professionals in Singapore – regardless of gender – are CLEAN! Most practice what they preach: they train hardobserve a clean diet, rest and recuperate adequately, and overall, lead a very healthy and fit lifestyle that is usually the envy of those outside the profession. It is no wonder therefore that they LOOK GOOD! Their  great physiques and impressive figures are a direct result of their own HARD WORK, not drugs! Of course, there may be a handful of black sheep within the fitness community who abuse illegal performance aids secretly to ‘buff’ themselves up; but to our knowledge, these form the VERY VERY SMALL MINORITY. Even then, they risk being frowned upon by the rest of the fitness/wellness community if their indiscretions come to light.  

There you have it – some common myths regarding the Singapore Fitness Profession that never seem to die.

We hope our article have – for once and all – put these myths to rest.

Do let us know if you have heard of other related myths, and please feel free to share them with us.