Are Fitness Boot Camps For You: A Singapore Perspective

April 9, 2012

Fitness boot camps are HOT here in Singapore, no doubt about it.Image of fitness boot camps

Whether it is the Singapore Botanic Gardens or the East Coast Park or even the Marina Bayfront, wherever you look nowadays, you are bound to see these fitness boot camps being held there usually in the early mornings or in the late evenings.

So – what makes these fitness boot camps tick?

Well, from the strong sense of camaraderie among boot-campers (as they are known) to the fun-filled atmosphere to the great outdoor scenery, fitness boot camps are indeed a great way for one to get a good workout and at the same time, mingle with like-minded participants in the arms of Nature.

However, fitness boot camps may NOT be for everyone, as we – at Singapore Fitness Professionals Network –  will discuss in a moment.

So, before you decide to ditch your personal trainer for good, there are a couple of things you will need to consider before going all-out and enrolling yourself in a group-exercise style boot camp program.

The following are  some objective pointers for you to think about:

1) Fitness Boot Camps Do NOT Provide Personalised Instruction

Obviously, due to the group nature of the program, a fitness boot camp will always lack the personal touch and individualized guidance that some people crave for in a fitness program. With groups numbering between 10 to 15, or even 20, or more, at any one time, there is absolutely no way your boot camp instructor is going to just focus on you during the workout session. So, if you are someone with special needs, with specific conditions, or simply one who learns and functions better in a one-to-one setting, then boot camps are definitely NOT for you!

2) Fitness Boot Camps Are NOT Designed With Just You In Mind

To take into consideration the broad variations in fitness levels among boot-campers, a fitness boot camp has no choice but to be designed to cater to the MASSES or to the Entire Group. Hence, if your fitness level falls somewhere at either end of the fitness spectrum (ie. either you are very FIT or very UNFIT), you may feel left-out after a while as most boot camps would not be able to cater specifically to your needs. Also, bear in mind that you will have absolutely NO say over the kind of exercises, training, or equipment to be used in the program; as all these will be prescribed to the group by the fitness boot camp instructor – regardless whether you like it or not. Your job is basically to Listen, Follow and Do.

3) Fitness Boot Camps May NOT Fit Your Schedule

Most fitness boot camps run on a fixed time schedule that caters to the larger interest of the group. And this usually means that the boot camps are either conducted VERY early in the mornings (between 5am to 7am ) or VERY late in the evenings (between 6pm to 8pm). Hence, if your work/training schedule does not fit into the above times, you will soon find yourself in a fix, and without a group to join pretty soon.

4) Fitness Boot Camps Are NOT For Introverts

Are you by nature a shy, reticent or private person? Then fitness boot camps will NOT suit you at all.

With its high-octane, high-energy atmosphere where team cheers, group hugs, high-fives, back-slapping and other forms of bodily contact amongst participants the NORM, fitness boot camps may very well turn out to be a fitness program from HELL for the introvert.

Also, due to the very social and dynamic nature of fitness boot camps, the type of personalities attracted to this format of exercise are usually those who are the direct OPPOSITE of introverts: the LoudColourful, Assertive, In-Your-Face types – whom introverts may simply find it hard to click with!

In a nutshell, fitness boot camps – though a highly popular and effective form of fitness program here in Singapore – is simply NOT for everybody.

It may be more suitable for some, but not so for others…..

Whatever it is, always consider your own personality, your own needs and the whole range of factors mentioned above – before committing yourself to any fitness program.

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