Why Fitness Directory Listings Are Important For Personal Trainers

March 28, 2016

Image of search engines that crawl fitness directoriesTalk to most Personal Trainers and Fitness Professionals here in Singapore, and you’ll tend to get the idea that Fitness Marketing to them involves nothing more than the usual suspects: updating and populating their Facebook/Twitter/Instagram accounts from time-to-time, writing a few random Blog Posts when they are in the mood, paying up for the occasional Classified Ads, or perhaps even running costly Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns periodically to attract clients.

Not that the above aren’t useful – they are – especially when executed in a strategic, timely and prudent manner.

However, the ONE area that too many fitness professionals and personal trainers are missing out on is Directory Listing.

With statistics showing that as many as 8 out of 10 people use Online Directories (source: Burke) to search and research for business services, it would take an extremely FOOLHARDY (or ignorant) person to ignore the POWER and REACH of the online directory.

For the Fitness Pro who wants to position himself/herself at the FOREFRONT of the fitness market, being listed in a Local Fitness Directory should be one of the FIRST steps that that he/she takes.

And there are more compelling reasons to do so ……..

A) Credibility

Being found in a fitness directory adds tons of CREDIBILITY to your name. It signifies that you are accepted and recognized within your business community as a bona-fide business. In turn, this raises the ‘Trust Factor’ among potential clients who will tend to take your business much more positively and seriously than any other random entry on the Web.

B) Branding

A directory listing also enables you to create your own unique and consistent brand throughout the Web. By drawing attention to your strengths and areas of expertise via your listing description, you can DIFFERENTIATE yourself from the rest of the competition and brand yourself as the Go-To Expert in your particular niche – whether it is fat loss, muscle-building, strength-&-conditioning etc.

C) Findability

Being listed in a directory also greatly increases your chances of Being Found on the Web. Most major search engines – such as Google, Yahoo, MSN etc – simply love crawling and indexing business directories. As such, fitness directories usually rank pretty HIGH in search results. This in turn translates to greater online visibility and web traffic for your personal training business.

The above are just some of the many benefits of listing your fitness business in a Local Fitness Directory.

So if you’re a Personal Trainer or Fitness Professional who is looking for an effective strategy to GROW your business, make sure that listing in a directory is one of your TOP priorities.