Why You Don’t Need A Personal Trainer In Singapore

September 20, 2011

Image of a stupid-looking personPersonal trainers and fitness coaches are pretty hot right now in Singapore. You may have seen them in action in your neighbourhood gym or commercial fitness facility – training men and women of different ages and builds.

And now, maybe you’re intrigued. If so many people are using personal trainers and private fitness coaches here in Singapore, there must be something to it, mustn’t it? 

Well, the truth is you simply don’t need any trainer to teach you about fitness.

And here’s why:

1)  You Are Smart Enough To Train Yourself

Let’s face it – getting fit is easy. Building muscle is easy. Losing weight is easy. Why bother getting a trainer???

You can always pick up fitness information from the internet, from newspaper articles, from magazines off the rack and then apply everything you read to yourself, right? What more can be easier?

As someone with brains and sophistication, you are definitely better off training yourself with so much available information floating around you.

Simply take your pick of any training routine out there and then apply it wholesale to yourself.

And hey presto, soon you’ll have the body of your dreams!

2) It’s Not Worth The Money

After all, it’s just your fitness, health and body you’re talking about, right? No big deal. Why waste so much money on a personal trainer???

Ya, no doubt fitness professionals may have all the relevant knowledge, formal education and professional expertise in the areas of training, nutrition and human physiology, but hey, who needs all these airy-fairy things?

Your money can be better spent in areas like bingeing out at Burger King, watching late-night movies (while slurping your Coke and munching away at Nachos), and of course, buying that iPhone you’ve always wanted.

Your body and health are never as important as money, right? 

What’s more, if you really screw up your body and fitness with some lousy training routine, you can always undo it, can’t you? No big deal.

3) You Can Always Learn From Buddies Around You

What are friends for? You can always workout with a buddy who is an ‘expert’ in training and then follow exactly what he/she does. Makes sense, right?

After all, your buddy must surely know something about training, right? Just look at the size of his arms!

Moreover, your buddy’s body works exactly like yours too, correct? So what works for him/her must surely work for you, too. Simple logic, right?

So, just go and make friends with all the impressive-looking bods out there and then learn their training ‘secrets’ – and then replicate them like for like. 

See, told you it is easy, isn’t it?

Always do what the famous philosopher said: “Monkey see, Monkey do” and you’ll be fine. Promise.

In Conclusion

Personal trainers and fitness instructors are just a waste of time…..

After all, they are merely ‘teachers’ of fitness .

And as an adult who still needs teachers or mentors to tell you what to do and how to do things???

After all, you’ve been getting along fine all these years, right?

Hmmmm, just wait a minute…..