Pet Peeves Of Singapore Personal Fitness Trainers

Image of an unhappy personal trainerEveryone has his/her pet peeves at the workplace, and our personal trainers and fitness coaches in Singapore are no different too.

The following are some of the most common pet peeves shared by trainers, instructors and coaches from the Singapore Fitness Industry.

If you happen to be a fitness client or a fitness consumer reading this, we hope you will also sit up, take note and make a mental note NEVER EVER to  impose any of the following “irritants” on your trainer or coach.

Common Pet Peeves Of Singapore Fitness Trainers & Coaches:

1. Fitness clients who are ALWAYS late and never repentant.

2. Fitness clients who think they are SMARTER than their trainers just because they have some half-baked fitness knowledge, or happen to have some prior training background.

3. Fitness clients who love to WHINE and COMPLAIN about everything.

4. Fitness clients who keep CANCELING or RE-SCHEDULING their workouts.

5. Fitness clients who FAIL to follow what their trainers tell them to do. 

6. Fitness clients who don’t PAY on time.

7. Fitness clients who can’t stop TALKING or GOSSIPING.

8. Fitness clients who JUMP-HOP from trainer to trainer.

9. Fitness clients who have UNREALISTIC expectations.

10. Fitness clients who can’t STAY OFF their Blackberrys or iPhones while training.

11. Fitness clients who are RUDE, OBNOXIOUS and ARROGANT.

12. Fitness clients who simply CAN’T be bothered.

Well, there you have it: 12 top pet peeves of personal trainers and fitness instructors in Singapore.

Have any of your own???

Feel free to share them with us.


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