2011’s Top Fitness Trends In Singapore

December 12, 2010

Image for female boxingAs 2010 comes to an end, the Singapore Fitness Industry braces itself yet again for a brand new year of challenges and changes in year 2011.

Top most on the minds of most people – both in and out of the Singapore Fitness Industry – would be the type of fitness trends that will emerge in year 2011.

After doing our own little research, we at Singapore Fitness Professionals Network have come up with a couple of trends that we believe will dominate the local Singapore fitness landscape for the coming year.

In no particular order, these are the top fitness trends that we have identified for 2011 :

Group-Based Training

As the Singapore economy continues its remarkable recovery post-recession, group-based training will continue to be the “in-thing” for most fitness enthusiasts. Many will rely on group training to stay fit and keep motivated, while socializing with others and saving on costs.

Martial-Arts Type Workouts

MMA (Mixed Martial Arts), Kickboxing, Body Combat, Tai-Chi and other integrated forms of martial-arts fitness workouts will continue their rise in prominence as more people come to embrace them as part and parcel of their fitness routine. 

Wellness Approach

The wellness fever will continue to grip Singaporeans in year 2011 and we expect to see a rise in demand for wellness services like lifestyle management, nutritional counselling, physical therapy and even meditation classes.  

Outdoors Fitness Sessions

More and more people are beginning to appreciate both Singapore’s all-year-round tropical climate and the benefits of the Great Outdoors, such that many are now actively bringing their fitness workouts outdoors. Coupled with the rise in popularity in outdoor fitness boot camps, we expect to see a rise – in both group and individual training – in outdoor fitness workouts throughout the parks, beaches and nature reserves of Singapore.   

Exotic Fitness Dance Classes 

Think Pole Dancing, Belly Dancing, Aerial Hoop/Silk Classes and Zumba, and you’ll get the idea. With increasing participation in these exotic forms of fitness pursuits, Singaporeans are shedding their prudish image to show the world that they are all set to embrace new and exotic branches of fitness wholeheartedly!

Technology-Based Workouts

With the proliferation of iPhones, iPads, iPods, Wii Fit etc…. it comes as no surprise that more and more Singaporeans will be using these technological gadgets to help them plan their workouts, track their progress and even personalise their fitness routines via the countless applications offered by these high-tech devices.

Well, there you have it, our take on the fitness trends that we believe will take Singapore by storm in 2011.

Whether you agree with us, or feel otherwise, please don’t hesitate to send in your comments.

We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!


Singapore’s Worst Aerobics And Group Exercise Instructors

December 1, 2010
Image of aerobics instructorThe large majority of Singapore aerobics instructors and group exercise instructors leading exercise-to-music classes in studios across the island are top-notch professionals no doubt about that.
In fact, many of Singapore’s top group exercise instructors are competent fitness professionals who are greatly admired and appreciated by their satisfied students and clients from all ends of the island.
Unfortunately, as in all things, there is always a group of ‘black sheep’ that seems intent on giving the group exercise industry a BAD name.
The list below (albeit written tongue-in-cheek) profiles some of Singapore’s worst aerobics instructors and group exercise instructors.
As a Private Consumer – do make sure that no matter what you do – AVOID  joining the class/classes led by any of the following kinds of  instructors:
The Perpetual Screamer
– can’t survive without screaming or yelling their heads off into the mike,
– somehow believes that everyone else is hard of hearing, except Self,
– loves hearing own voice projections through the mike,
– leaves everyone with a earache or headache by the end of the class.
The Sound-Blaster
– close cousin of the ‘screamer’,
has a knack of upping the volume of the sound system to MAXIMUM,
– addicted to the sound of LOUD music BLARING away in the background 
– somehow equates teaching ability to LOUDNESS of music,
– major cause of long-term hearing loss for unfortunate participants. 
The Energizer Bunny
– full of energy; never seems to tire,
– expects ALL class participants to be of the SAME fitness level as self,
– conducts classes at ALL-OUT intensity,
– chides anyone who fails to keep up with the class tempo,
– fails to take into account new participants or those with lower fitness levels. 
The Regurgitator
–  regurgitates the SAME choreography or SAME music umpteen times,  
– simply too lazy or too indifferent to source for NEW routines/music,
– convinced that participants do not mind familiarity or repetition,
– number ONE cause of class boredom for participants.  
The Absolute Disaster
– CAN’T seem to remember exercise steps or choreography,
– CAN”t seem to follow musical beats,
– doesn’t know how to cue or instruct an exercise class, 
– afraid of standing in front of class,
– looks confused and lost,
– leaves participants confused and lost.
The Sophisticator 
– loves to use sophisticated and complex steps in choreography,
– more concerned with ‘impressing’ people than anything else,
– self-absorbed in own ‘performance’ in front of class , 
– cannot understand why class has difficulty following the routine,
– gets irked by members who seem ‘lost’ during the routine. 
The Out-Of-Shape Instructor
– often underweight/overweight/unfit,
– in worse physical condition than some class participants,
– often out-of-breath and in need of breaks while leading the class,
– in denial of own physical state.
Well, there you have it – the various kinds of aerobics instructors and group exercise instructors in Singapore that you should AVOID at all costs!
Fortunately, the number of exemplary and first-class Aerobics Instructors and Group Exercise Instructors here in Singapore still outnumber the bad hats in the industry by far.
To check out some of Singapore’s Finest Aerobics and Group Exercise Instructors, do visit www.SingaporeFitnessNetwork.com now. 
Also, if you think we have missed out on other examples or categories, or would simply like to add some of your own, please feel free to send us your comments too!
We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you!