Singapore Matching America In Obesity Rates Soon?

Photo of overweight asiansThe role of the Singapore Fitness/Wellness Professional has grown in importance with recent developments abroad as well as at home.

A case in point: a recent New York Times report states that Americans have become fatter over the past few years, with obesity rates reaching 30% or more in numerous states. ( Read : “Obesity Rates Keep Rising, Troubling Health Officials” – )

This immediately brings to mind the situation in Singapore itself – where obesity rates are not much better than its American counterpart, albeit nowhere close to the same drastic levels as in the US – at least not yet –  but still cause for concern for a nation who often prides itself for being on top of things and situations.  

A stroll along any busy street on the weekends in Singapore, or a quick glance at the masses packed into any peak-hour MRT carriage, would reveal the sheer number of overweight, and often obese, individuals residing in Singapore alone.

Short of making it compulsory for all overweight Singapore residents sign-up for fitness, nutrition and weight management classes, what can we do to help fight this obesity phenomenon in Singapore?

For a start, weight loss guidance and fitness/wellness programs should be made easily available and affordable to the masses so that more people can benefit from these initiatives.

Also, as most people are fond of using their hectic work schedules and lack of time as excuses for not being physically active, fitness providers would do well to bring their fitness programs INTO the homes of these individuals, rather than trying to persuade them to GO OUT of their way to enrol in programs conducted at external facilities.

By removing these ‘traditional’ excuses and roadblocks to one’s fitness and well-being, we – the Singapore Fitness Industry – could play a major role in helping Singapore become a healthier and leaner society.


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